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SambaSnax is an exciting new line of unique and healthy protein snacks made here in the USA with the highest quality whey protein and exotic super fruit flavors straight from Brazil!

Here at SambaSnax we also firmly believe in giving back to under privileged communities and have proudly partnered with ‘Cities without Hunger’ donating a portion of our sales to support their fantastic work in Brazil.

meet the power of Brazilian superfoods

detox yourself.

Pronounced “A-Sigh-Eeeee” - Who knew?

Açai berries grow in bunches (think small grapes) on the Açai palm tree that can be found throughout the Amazonian rainforest. 

The name of the fruit originally comes from the Amazon Native Tupi word ïwaca'i (and you thought Açai was difficult to pronounce). This means "the fruit that cries", because of the high levels of water held inside the fruit.

Its unique and exotic flavor is slightly sweet like a blackberry and just a little bit bitter kinda like dark chocolate.

Don’t take our word for this, try this delicious snack and find out for yourself and let us know what you think?




  • 10g

  • 180

  • 5g


revitalize yourself.

This superfruit used to go by the slightly less glamorous name of the West India Cherry but we think acerola sounds way more fun. 

Acerola is believed to originate from the Mexican Yucatan and spread across tropical areas throughout the world with Brazil the largest producer. 

Acerola is similar to the cherry in size and has a distinct taste that is a little sweet and a little bit sour all at the same time.

Actually after samba and soccer we think this must be Brazil’s greatest export...

Take that, tastebuds!



  • 10g

  • 170

  • 6g



Cities without Hunger (“Cidades Sem Fome” or CSF) promote urban agriculture in Brazil through the construction of vegetable gardens. CSF works to create jobs and income for vulnerable groups in deprived suburbs by supporting the production of organic food and combating malnutrition among the population.

CSF works across 2 main projects:

  • Urban Gardens: urban gardens producing organic food, creating jobs for the local population, supplying the city with healthy food and generating incomes in the communities served.
  • Public School Gardens: school gardens to supply school meals with nutritious food for disadvantaged students from 5 to 17 years old.
  • Results: 27 urban gardens / 51 school gardens / 800 tons of food produced in 2019

See more of our work on:



Ben and Felipe have developed Sambasnax with a love of health & fitness to fit in with their busy lives. We hope you love them as much as we do!


Ben hails originally from the UK, where he met his Brazilian wife at college way back in 2008 and went on to have two girls, one born in Brazil and one born in the UK. They have spent significant time in Brazil, UK, and the US and are bringing the best of these worlds to SambaSnax.

Ben now lives in Massachusetts with his family (swapping Old England for New) where they love exploring outside in the sunshine and the snow. Ben loves playing sports with his two daughters (especially soccer and basketball), fitness, and travelling the world. His dream is that SambaSnax can showcase some of the bold and inspiring flavors that made him fall in love with Brazil.


Felipe was born in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo, the largest city in the Americas and Southern Hemisphere. He lived in Ireland between 2008 and 2014, where he met his wife Patricia. They moved to Spain in 2014 (Patricia is Spanish so she decides where the family lives) where they lived until 2019. In the summer of 2019, Felipe, Patricia and their 2 sons moved to California.

Felipe and his family love being in the US and have spent most of their free time (of course when Felipe is not playing with Brazilian superfruits to create yummy snacks) exploring their new home and playing soccer - as authentic Brazilians Felipe and his sons are pretty enthusiastic about soccer. Felipe is super excited to showcase a little bit of Brazilian delight (talking superfruits, not soccer) here in the US.


How do I best care for my bars when they ship and after they arrive?

Our bars are made with real ingredients. The ingredients are temperature sensitive and will be affected without climate-controlled shipping and proper storage. In the hotter months of summer, we use temperature-sensitive shipping. Please keep an eye on the delivery date to prevent the package from sitting outside in the sun for an extended period!

Where can I buy your foods in my local area?

Currently our bars are available either through our website directly or can be found on Amazon. We are always exploring new ways to get our bars to your area!

What procedures do you have in place in regards to food safety?

Our bars are manufactured in a specialist facility that is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified. The Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) is a world leading food safety and quality assurance body ensuring high and consistent standards in food across the globe.

Where are your foods made?

Our bars are manufactured in California, USA at a specialist manufacturing facility that has been producing related products for almost 15 years.

What is the shelf life of your foods?

Our bars are best enjoyed within approximately six months of manufacturing date. The use by date is printed on the side of our box in the convention MM/DD/YYYY.

Do your food include any common food allergens such as milk, wheat, nuts etc?

SambaSnax bars are a unique blend of ingredients that deliver a delicious flavor, As a result our bars are made with tree nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Coconuts) and milk and may contain traces of peanuts, eggs, soy,. wheat, and other tree nuts..

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